Tropical Futures Forum

Most of it is about people’s work that has a lot of that do-it-yourself spirit. You know, the kind that just says, I think this needs to be here so I would like to make it happen.

A long time ago, we heard about this person who started a film festival by taking a projector around basketball courts and showing movies that way. That’s pretty cool. We never got to meet him though.

We met some other people that are kinda like him – like these Japanese guys who bring designers from Asian countries together and put them in some small towns to do design work for local businesses, this famous Tacloban-born illustrator who takes time off to help in the community, that dude who makes all the punk shows in our city, and that girl who put up her own art school on top of a burger place so that people of all ages can escape to make art when they need to.

We got lucky we met these folks. We’re happy we became friends. Now they’re all going to be hanging out in Cebu City this September. It would be great for you to meet them too.

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